Sunday, March 29, 2009

I shot a fairy!

With my camera!!
Check out Hey Harriet! for more great shadow shots!

Waking up!

My garden is starting to look like Spring again!
with Fragrant blue Hyacinths....

Blue Squill.....

Salome' Daffodils ......
and with this golden barberry with its tiny
chartreuce leaves. This plant looks amazing
in the fall if you place it in an area that gets
only 4 hours of sun. It turns apricot with a little red.
Very pretty!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Organic Gardening Seminar

I've been practicing organic gardening most of my life
as my father had taught me everything he knows as well as
my own trial and error, college, and from other well seasoned gardeners.
I want to teach the class to beginners who have always wanted to have a garden
but never had the time. With times being tough we need to find the time to grow our own.
Some don't have the know-how to get started. We are here for you!
March 29th at 10:00 am (weather permitting)
Hands on showing how we do it here. Hope you can come!
Wear your sh*!# kickers it gets muddy around here!

Young Man helping out

This is our adopted cat 'Young Man' he was an all indoors cat where he lived before but the outdoors have been calling him here on our farm. He is loving this spring weather and decided to help do some leaf clean up with me. He got a little high on catnip earlier so I couldn't get a good shot of him! What a good boy!

Lets get growing!

I am a bit late starting my seeds as I am every year!
This year I planned on doing some container lettuces just so I
could get some of my own good eats for organic salads.
I will also do some spinach, oakleaf and of course reds for color!
Our shop carries Livingston Seeds.
I have a nice selection of herbs, sunflowers & veggies.
I try to carry the weird stuff that nobody but me wants to try!
Foodies & Chefs like to prepare odd ball veg. it's unique!
Looking through those seed catalogs always inspires me
to try something new.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wreaths Galore!

Wreaths of all colors and sizes and talk about texture!
The use of herbs is the key to my wreath making!
I love the way they make a room smell and they
soften any space they adorn.
Our annual wreath sale is on until March 21st.
With all the herbs grown organically and right here on our
5 acre farm, we can let these beauties go for next to nothing!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

After 2 inches of rain fell we saw all of the trees times two!
Check out more shadow shots at Hey Harriet!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Herb Seminar at the Summer Kitchen

I love teaching classes for my two favorite girlsI thought I would help them out by posting some info about our Rosemary Topiary Class:

#1. Choose a rosemary plant that has a strong, single leader.You may want to repot it in a classic terra-cotta pot. Push a thin 24 inch piece of bamboo or other which marks the final height of the plant, into the pot and carefully tie loosely with twist ties or jute.

#2. Cut off all the side shoots using small hand shears or scissors to directthe plants energy up the main stem. Leave enough shoots at the topof the stem in order to sustain the plant and to encourage more growth in the top.

#3. In the second year, when the stem of your rosemary has reached the required height of about 16 inches, cut out the top of the lead shoot. This cut marks the approximate base of the final crown.

#4. Allow several top shoots to develop. Once they have reached a length of 3-4 inches,cut out the end of each top shoot. Make sure you keep the main stem clear of any side shoots that may start to grow.

#5. During spring and summer, when you plant flushes out new growth, continue to pinch out the ends of the top shoots once they have grown by 3-4 inches. Your topiary will become more dense this way.

#6. Don't throw away your clippings! Make some wonderful herbed butter or bread with it!

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