Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Sign & New Name?

Believe it or not, there really is a sign in this flower bed!
It is so small next to all of the tall Cleome and Blue Salvia that
nearly everyone that has never been to our shop blows right
past our place! How frustrating when you drive to an area
that makes you feel like your out of your element.
I am working on a new sign for my shop but I also
need a new name for it.
I would love it if you could all
help me with any suggestions. It's hard coming up
with just a few words to describe what I do.
If you can somehow get all of the following aspects of
what I do and sum it all up in just a few words.
I want to combine landscape design, herbs & herbal
body products, garden shop, herb seminars, everything
lavender, unique shade plants, organics, organic produce,
garden art, farmers market, fairies, loose teas,
herbal cleaners, fresh cut flowers & custom wreaths,
tye dyes, market bags and garden pillows.

I came up with the name:
The Herb & Fern
Post comments anytime & thanks so much.
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