Sunday, May 3, 2009

Handcrafted with Love by Sisters

Gearing up for the farmers markets. Yippie!
My best and dearest friend and I truly are sisiters and we both are
lovers of things homemade. Maybe that's why we delve into
so many things. We want to learn it all, read it all, make it all & sell it all
at farmers markets!
We love our jobs and want to share our wares with those who appreciate it.
Those who do appreciate it know it was truly made with love!
Lau' Naturale soaps are featured in this post as well as
my handmade garden journals, healing comfrey and calendula gardeners
hand salves, and my 'funky', heavy duty farmers market totes.
This great weather and the feeling I have for this year have got me
so excited that I can't wait to get going!
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