Thursday, January 8, 2009

Patient Gardener

Brrrrr! Winter Blasts are here at last!

No school for tots and no high school class!

We want to sled and slide and board!

I almost broke my hip Dear Lord!

I long for planting, spring and rake,

soil, fresh berries they smell so great!

I know I must be patient .......wait! CMR

If no one answers come to the Garden!

Welcome to our Gardens!
Peace & serenity is here at last!
These gardens are full of my favorites but it is always changing - the best gardens always do!
I love to walk into a garden that I have been to before but always see something different, something not there and replaced with something even more beautiful than before. Meandering pathways that contain that element of surprise!
Color, texture & fragrance all together playing a song. My gardens are not really planned even though I am a landscape designer. I am a creature of habit so I love to change things around in my rooms!
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